Riders of the Apocalypse
<Riders of the Apocalypse> and <The Dark Brotherhood> Guild Coalition

Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:11 pm by Nandiux

I am pleased to infor you that both <Riders of the Apocalypse> and <The Dark Brotherhood> have made a Guild Coalition. This means that both guilds will be helping each other in several amoun of stuff such as pve, pvp and also make new friends in the process.

Now for both guilds to easily communicate Me and Whisle (Guild Maser of the Dark Brotherhood) have created a chat …

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EPGP and all you need to Know

Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:45 pm by Admin

Well if you have notices we have talk a lot about EPGP lately well we are still decidind the exact usage of this addon for ROTA but we are already using it in a Beta Phase and we already decided it will be used for GBank so for you to Understand How It Works Read This 3 Posts

Acepted Items For GBank

EPGP addon!

EPGP explanation


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Shaz Raid officer Application

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Shaz Raid officer Application

Post  shaz on Mon May 17, 2010 11:35 pm

1) Main character/Alternate characters:
Shaz , Facestab , Shazy
2) How much time you have played World of Warcraft
5 year Almost
3) Server time in which you play most:
Magtharidon / Legion / Magic / Grimbatol
4) Do you have Leading Raids Skills (Explain why you think you do):
well being with really professionals at retail i pretty much know the tactics and ways which boss can be killed since except algalon blizzard follow same patterns and ways and every boss can be killed if everyone in raid knows his character

5) List of bosses you have defeated with a raid at your command:
Complete Sunwell
Complete Black Temple
Complete Hyjal
Complete Nax
Complete Ulduar
Festergut, Professor Putriside, Blood Prince Council

6) Why do you think you should get Raid Offcer rank:
So i can do more hardcore Raid on server, since i am no more playing retail so i must use my skill on magic to get things done better

Cool Are you willing to lead raids constantly, even daily if needed and not in the mood:
well i am always in a mood to raid, Hate nandi for doing PVP since he cannot kill bosses he nevers try it

9) Why do you like leading raids:
because if you are leader and skilled you can reduce ninjas in raid make ppl happy about their rolls and moreover if leader is good there are less chances of wipes and leavers in raid

10) Name some officers / admins you have raided with:

well i have raided with every active member in guild

11) Anything you would like to add:
well i hate ninjas and leavers so i want to mention couple of things first so you donot have problems once you make me raid leader since i follow my rules strictly
1) i love AFK's and if someone is afk i donot mind i put him in group 8 and get another person in places of him since there can be any emergency with person any time.
2) i hate leavers if anyone left for the reason the raid wipes, he is no more invited in raid by me since this shows how much guild spirit you got
3) Roll with you both eyes open a single bad roll or ninja roll put you on m ignore list
4) I hate wishpers while i am leading since when i am replying on Raid chat why wishper me since everyone in guild got right to know what you are thinking ,,,
5) i donot reserve items ans stuff even guild master wants it and really mind this things i won't reserve anything for anyone

12) Add A Poll with 2 Choices : Yes/ No, so the officers vote easier

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Re: Shaz Raid officer Application

Post  PrototypeX on Tue May 18, 2010 12:49 am

Now this is a PRO application. You obviously have my vote ^_^
GL dude Very Happy

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Re: Shaz Raid officer Application

Post  PrototypeX on Thu May 20, 2010 3:40 am

Gratz dude. You've got the promo Very Happy

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Re: Shaz Raid officer Application

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